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Why choose a preschool social skills group?
Research supports that early Social Skills Development directly impacts a child's ability to make and maintain friendships in school and into adulthood.  The earlier a child learns the necessary social skills the more productive they will be as learners.  Some of the first weeks in a Primary/Elementary school setting focuses on establishing friendships and learning what behaviors are appropriate in the classroom.  If a child struggles with what is socially appropriate then all areas of their education is impacted. 

The preschool program focuses on intense speech and language treatment embedded in a preschool structure. Integration of typically developing same aged peers are incorporated into each session to further enhance the peer model influence. All therapy is play based and incorporates all areas of development.

Each child will have goals for expressive language, receptive language, cognitive skills, social skills, play skills and literacy development.

Our sessions are focused on a whole child approach; while speech and language are targeted, all activities will involve skills which enhance gross motor skills (song and dance), fine motor skills (art and crafts) and sensory integration.