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Social Language Skills Groups

The Social Language Skills Groups are offered for ages 6 to 16 years.  No more than four-six students will be placed in a group.  Groups will be designed according to age and/or strengths.  

Children are appropriate for the group if:

  • they communicate verbally
  • show basic attention to task
  • are compliant with adults
  • have some ability to self-regulate their behaviors around other students

Our social Language Skills Groups are designed to target the skills that build communication AND relationships.
These skills inclue such areas as:
  • greeting others
  • asking questions
  • staying on topic
  • listening to and understanding anouther's pointof view
  • taking turns
  • understanding humor
  • interpreting facial expressions and body language
  • functional problem solving/reasoning
  • executive functioning tasks

Sessions Begin January 5 !  Be sure to call and ask about certain session times.  Even session length for your child will be 8 weeks, meeting weekly.  

Social Skills Groups provide the opportuniyt to develop your child's skills in a fun and safe group environment.  Skills are taught and practiced using interactive activities, games, role play and working cooperatively with a partner.